How to disable tCell - Python

Method #1(Quickest): Disabling tCell via the user interface

  1. Log in to your tCell dashboard
  2. Click on Settings -> Features
  3. Uncheck or disable every feature (see image below)
  4. Click on Deploy (see image below)


Method #2(Complete uninstall): Removing the agent

  1. a) Remove the following lines from your wsgi file:

    os.environ['TCELL_AGENT_CONFIG'] = '/var/www/html/tcell/tcell_agent.config'
    os.environ['TCELL_AGENT_HOME'] = '/var/www/html/tcell'

    import tcell_agent


    b) Remove tcell_agent run from the command to start your application.

  2. Delete the tcell_agent.config from your tcell directory(generally /var/www/html/tcell)
  3. Uninstall the tCell agent

    pip uninstall tcell_agent

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