What are all of the config options available for server agents?

Field Type Description Default Required? Example
name string

The name of the application set in Admin/Applications

  Y test_example_app
api_key string The Secret API Key used to send events and poll information   Y abcd-efgh-hijk
enabled boolean Option to quickly disable the agent for an application  true N true
fetch_policies_from_tcell boolean True if the background polling process should be started, otherwise uses cached policies true N true
preload_policy_filename string JSON file where policy information can be loaded from at start   N "tcellpolicy.json"
tcell_api_url string The URL used to fetch policies. Set this if using tcell-preview or a private tCell instance. https://api.tcell.io/api/v1 N
tcell_input_url string The URL prefix used to send events. Set this if using tcell-preview or a private tCell instance. https://input.tcell.io/api/v1 N
logging_options hashtable

Options for logging information about this application

host_identifier string Human readable identifier for this agent. <current hostname> N web-host-1
hmac_key string A Base64 encoded key to use with HMAC-SHA-256. Must be the same for all agents. <app-id> N  
reverse_proxy Boolean  That a reverse proxy like apache or nginx is in use, the real remote ip address may be in a header  true  true
reverse_proxy_ip_address_header String If reverse_proxy is true and the header the real ip in is not "x-forwarded-for". Case insensitive. x-forwarded-for N x-real-ip


Environment Variables





TCELL_AGENT_CONFIG full path to tcell config file (tcell_agent.config)

TCELL_AGENT_HOME - This is the home dir for tcell. Where the config, logs, and cache are stored.

TCELL_AGENT_USE_NATIVE_LIB - This allows the use of the native implementation of libinjection.

TCELL_AGENT_ALLOW_UNENCRYPTED_APPFIREWALL_PAYLOADS_LOGGING   - This allows the agent to send the payloads it matches in the App Firewall feature. WARNING: confidential information could be sent unencrypted.





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