Installing the Rails agent


Before you can install the agent, you need to have the following:


Downloading the Agent

There are two ways to download the tCell Rails Agent:

  • Via
  • Via download

Installing from is most convenient, but may not have the latest agent. You may be provided a downloadable link for a more recent gem. If you were not provided a downloadable link, then use the latest from


Installing via

  1. Add the following to your Gemfile:
    gem 'tcell_agent'
  2. Run bundle install:
    $ bundle install
  3. Download config file by going to Server Agents> Download Agents
  4. Select key to use, and click Download Config File
  5. Place file in ./config directory of your project

When you start up your server tCell will be running. You will see logs created in the ./tcell directory of your project.


Installing via Download

  1. Download via the URL provided to you, for example:
    $ curl -O
  2. Move to cache dir:
    mv tcell_agent-0.2.0.gem vendor/cache
  3. Add the following to your Gemfile: 
    gem 'tcell_agent', '0.2.0'
  4. Run bundle install
    $ bundle install
  5. Download and install the config file the same way as installing via described above.




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