Adding the JavaScript agent to your pages manually

  1. Add the following line at the top or bottom of your page
    <script src="" tcellappid="APPID" tcellapikey="APIKEY"></script>
  2. You may also locally host the JSAgent Javascript file
  3. You will use your Application ID (APPID) and a JSAgent-Scoped API Key (APIKEY) to let tCell know how to configure the JSAgent and where to send the results.
  4. Get API key from tCell portal at https://<company>
    1. If needed, create a new application under Admin>Applications and note your Application ID

    2. If needed, create a new JSAgent API Key under Admin>API Keys

  5. Adjust the script tag above with your AppId and JSAgent API Key
    1. Set app_id
    2. Set api_key, copied from Admin>API Keys (create if necessary)


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