Installing the Node.js agent


Before you can install the agent, you need to have the following:

  • A tCell account setup
  • An Application Created (Admin>Applications)
  • A tCell account setup
  • An Application Created (Admin>Applications)
  • Allow outbound HTTPS connections to the tCell cloud: What IPs do tCell agents connect to?

Agent installation via npm

Add the tCell agent package to the application:

  • Run: npm install tcell-agent --save which adds the dependency to the package.json file
  • Or alternatively edit package.json and add "tcell-agent": "^0.1.0" to the "dependencies" map.
    • Run: npm install

Add require('tcell-agent'); to the top of your main server/app script. This is typically the file called "server.js", "main.js", "index.js" or "app.js" in your application's root directory.

  • Alternatively run sed -i "1i require('tcell-agent');" <main server file>

Download tcell_agent.config configuration from > Admin > Download Agent > Download Config File and add it to the root of the application

Restart the application (e.g. npm restart)


If everything is working, you should see on the Server Agents side bar menu an "UP" value that is non-zero (depending on how many server agents you have installed).


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