Installing the Python agent using WSGI


  • A tCell account setup
  • An Application Created (Admin>Applications)
  • Python 2.7 or Python 3.x
  • Django 1.5 or later
  • Allow outbound HTTPS connections to the tCell cloud: What IPs do tCell agents connect to?

Agent install via pip install

1) install the tcell agent

pip install tcell_agent

2) Download tcell_agent.config configuration from > Admin > Download Agent > Download Config File and add it to your tcell directory, generally /var/www/html/tcell.

3) Update your wsgi file to contain the following lines (substituting the /var/www/html/tcell as appropriately).

os.environ['TCELL_AGENT_CONFIG'] = '/var/www/html/tcell/tcell_agent.config'
os.environ['TCELL_AGENT_HOME'] = '/var/www/html/tcell'

import tcell_agent

A complete wsgi file is included as an example.


 If everything is working, you should see on the Server Agents side bar menu an "UP" value that is non-zero (depending on how many server agents you have installed).


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